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Children’s Learning Garden

Welcome to our Children’s Learning Garden! What are we going to be doing here?
It will be the center of learning for our children as they dive into topics such as:
  • Taking Care of God’s Great Earth (through safe gardening, composting, weeding and watering)
  • Taking Care of Ourselves (through healthy eating)
  • Self-Sustaining Locally and Globally
  • Getting Fresh Vegetables in the Hands of Those Who Need it the Most (mission work)
Join us for an ongoing family and church-wide stewardship project as well as intergenerational sharing experiences below to help our children, young and old, realize a very special garden!
Ask how you or your small group can get involved by contacting Athena at the church at 238-2359.
Children’s Learning Garden:

Our Sunday School children help monitor the growing garden and ask EVERYONE to stop by and see what all the excitement is about. Our harvesting is helping those in need locally through the church food closets.

Feel free to visit our garden and water and weed as needed!