Next Level Innovations


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Click on the audio file below to listen to the Innovations Report Presentation by Rev. Jason Stanley


Join us in Town Hall meetings to ask questions and provide your thoughts, concerns and general feedback to the Innovations Report.

  • Town Hall Meeting – October 15 @ 7pm
  • Town Hall Meeting – October 20 @ 6pm


Town Hall I- Questions & Answers 
Town Hall II- Questions & Answers

NLI Called Church Conference – October 27,

Combined Service at 10:30 a.m. in the Family Life Center

Join Rev. Wayne Snead, Elizabeth River District Superintendent as we meet in deciding whether to continue the NLI process.  The Innovations Report will come to a vote to be approved or rejected as the course of action going forward.  The Innovations Report must be approved in the entirety as presented, by at least 70% of members in attendance.  




Next Level Innovations – NLI

What is Next Level Innovations—NLI ?

NLI is an investment in churches that have a recognized potential for reaching more people in their community and inviting them to become disciples of Jesus.  These churches have healthy and coachable leadership (clergy and lay).   NLI has multiple components including a foundation of prayer, monthly clergy training, two to three laity training events, an intensive weekend of church study, a detailed report and recommendation for innovations specially developed for the church, and follow up coaching for a year or more.

Who is Invited to Participate?